What's in a Dental Check-up?

Here’s what’s involved:

  • oral cancer screening to make sure your entire mouth (oral cavity) is safe and healthy and there are no unusual patches or lumps.
  • jaw joint assessment to ensure joints are moving well, and your facial muscles are not too tense.
  • Gum assessment and measurements to look for any signs of gum recession (gums shrinking), inflammation or bone loss. This is to make sure that your teeth are being held in well.


THEN we check all of your teeth, making sure that they are being protected and cleaned properly. This might involve taking x-rays to check between the teeth, under the gums and under any existing fillings. We may also use an intra-oral camera so we can show you on the screen what we find. 

AND MOST importantly we are talking you through any findings or areas we are concerned about. This is your checkup and we want you to understand the health of your mouth and feel fully informed.

After all of this, we give you a nice scale and clean, and you can leave feeling confident that your mouth is healthy and your smile protected. 

Make your checkup and clean appointment to look after your smile.