Tooth Safety for the School Holidays

We're so lucky to live in gorgeous Caloundra to enjoy the school holidays! Being a family dental practice we see an increase in tooth trauma during the school holidays as the skateboards, rollerskates and trampolines get more use. You can be confident as a loyal patient of our practice that we will see your child immediately following a tooth accident. If your child is a risk-taking skateboarder you may want to consider a mouthguard! Baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth however the adult teeth are very expensive to replace.

Key points to keep in mind for tooth trauma:

  • Control any bleeding by applying pressure
  • Check for any further injuries such as a bump to the head
  • Comfort the child and apply ice (ice cream or ice blocks can be very helpful)
  • Provide pain relief either Nurofen or Paracetamol
  • If a "baby tooth" is knocked out DO NOT attempt to put it back in, as this may cause damage to the "adult" permanent tooth or lead to infection.
  • If a tooth is knocked out, always try to find the tooth - at least for the Tooth Fairy!

Consult your dentist to confirm if it was a "baby" or "adult" tooth and to ensure no further damage was caused to tooth roots or under the gums.