Adentica Family Dentists Caloundra reaches out to Fiji Community Dentist

The Dent annual, family holiday to the small town of SavuSavu in Fiji always includes a visit to the local SavuSavu Hospital Dentist to donate dental consumables and equipment. This November was the second year visiting the Dentist and establishing a partnership for Adentica Family Dentists to purchase and donate specific items required by the service.

Unfortunately many of the local village visits by the SavuSavu Dentist involve the extraction of teeth for adults and children. The instruments are extremely old and have been battered by years of travelling to multiple villages and are sterilised by pressure cooker on a gas stove as there is no electricity in many villages.

This year the SavuSavu Hospital Dentist has asked for new extraction instruments to replace the existing instruments which are no longer suitable and definitely wouldn't still be in use in an Australian Dental Practice. Adentica Family Dentists will purchase a large supply of the latest designed extraction instruments to improve both the experience for the patient and ease of work for the Dentists.

The SavuSavu Community was hit hard by Cyclone Winston in February 2016 which made this year's visit extra special to show support for the beautiful people who live in this tropical paradise.