Adentica Family Dentists Caloundra links with Fiji

Dr Ashley Dent and family once again made their annual Fiji holiday an opportunity to reach out to the local dental clinic.

Having established a relationship during the past visits with Dr Rikki, Principal Dentist at the Savu Savu Dental Clinic,  Ashley was asked to present an education session to the local dental team . This was a wonderful opportunity for all involved and again further opened eyes to the challenges faced by the local dentists delivering dental care to small villages and their limited opportunities to move towards saving teeth rather than extracting them.

During last year's visit Ashley made particular note of the age and condition of the extraction instruments used at the clinic and the absense of any dedicated extraction instruments for children. In consultation with Dr Rikki during the year a list of over 30 extraction instruments was created and the purchase funded by Adentica Family Dentists and some of the practice's patients who asked to be involved. 

It was a great pleasure to see the delight on the faces of the Dentists who received the new instruments and the obvious advances from their current instruments. To know that the team can now use dedicated paediatric extraction instruments on children will also improve the experience for many Fijian children.

Dr Ashley and family intend to visit again next year and continue to strengthen the partnership between Adentica Family Dentists and Savu Savu Dental Clinic.